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With two new policy updates from the provincial and federal governments, ONN has analyzed each with a sector-wide lens. And we are pleased to launch a free webinar series with Imagine Canada, starting with two webinars on managing staff and volunteers in the time of COVID-19, and running your nonprofit virtually. More topics to come!

We would like to thank the many organizations that have shared updates and analyses with us. We are heartened to see nonprofit organizations and leaders across the sector sharing information, identifying challenges and comparing potential solutions. The only way we can succeed is to come together. None of us can do it alone. Neither as individuals nor as organizations. We need to unite to share information, insights, and inspiration.

Working together, we can advocate to governments and other funders to ensure that nonprofits have the financial support, flexibility, and appropriate regulatory environment to survive the COVID crisis- and thrive in the subsequent economic recovery.

Thinking of you, your families and your communities. We’re in this together.

ONN Analysis: Ontario’s COVID-19 Action Plan and Economic Update

The Ontario Minister of Finance has released an Economic & Fiscal Update and a COVID-19 Action Plan in lieu of the scheduled 2020 Budget. The Action Plan consists of $17 billion in funding to respond to the pandemic.

The Economic Update is modest in view of the COVID health and economic crisis facing Ontario. It leaves most of the work of short-term economic stimulus to the federal government, while taking limited steps to put into place critical supports that will be needed in the post-COVID period of recovery. The 2020 Ontario Budget will be tabled by November 15.

ONN continues to advocate for:

A stabilization fund to provide financial support for nonprofits that have been hard hit as a sector and do not benefit from corporate tax breaks

Revisions to employment standards policies regarding paid sick days for all employees

Flexibility in provincial funding agreements with nonprofits, e.g., moving funds between budget lines, postponing reporting deadlines, and carry-forward provisions at year-end

A seat at the table for nonprofits to be actively part of emergency preparedness planning and economic recovery.

Check out our analysis for an in-depth look at supports and impact for the nonprofit sector, plus responses from subsectors and organizations across the province.

Read our analysis
ONN Analysis: Federal Bill C-13- An Act respecting certain measures in response to COVID-19

On March 24, 2020, the Government of Canada passed a $107 billion COVID-19 pandemic aid package for households and workplaces through Bill C-13: An Act respecting certain measures in response to COVID-19. This enacts the economic response plan the federal government announced previously.
Much of what is in the economic response plan is in the bill, with some critical changes to and clarified regulations for worker supports. Now sitting at $52 billion (up from $27 billion), all of the increase is going to direct supports for households.

Canada Emergency Response Benefit Act
New worker support for employees and self-employed
On March 25, 2020, the federal government announced they will be replacing the two previously announced Emergency Care and Emergency Support benefits with the new Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). The Employment Insurance Sickness Benefit remains unchanged from the previous announcement.

While employer supports remain the same, nonprofits and charities stand to benefit from increased income benefits for workers to help employee well-being, while easing the pressure on nonprofits to meet payroll during the pandemic.

ONN will advocate for Ontario’s $193 million to address the nonprofit sector’s urgent needs as an economic sector during this crisis.

Read on for our in-depth analysis, including impacts for women workers in the sector.

Read our analysis

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