Your Work, Your People & Your Impact on Society

From Foundation Magazine, IN GOOD COMPANY tells the stories, details the work, and documents the Canadian business sector’s positive economic on our world. All in one publication for the first time.


IN GOOD COMPANY shines the spotlight on your corporate foundation, your generosity, your socially responsible philosophy, your volunteering, your executive’s work on outside charities and nonprofits and so much more.

Participate and tell your story and benefit from:

 Enhanced Corporate Image: Ensuring your firm is featured in this national publication dedicated to philanthropy will help affirm your corporation’s image as a socially responsible entity. Demonstrates your

DAVIDsTEA Reaching Donation Goal: Two Million Cups (CNW Group/DAVIDsTEA)

commitment to giving back to the community, which enhances brand perception among consumers, investors, and other stakeholders.

 Targeted Visibility: In Good Company informs and guides individuals and organizations interested in corporate philanthropy, including potential partners, non-profits, and industry professionals. By participating in a credible publication, you ensure visibility among a national audience that is exploring the world of corporate social responsibility for a range of reasons.

 Networking Opportunities: In Good Company serves as a platform for aligning with other responsible corporations, nonprofit

organizations, and allies which share similar values and goals. This can lead to fruitful business partnerships and profitable joint initiatives.

 Market Differentiation: By highlighting your philanthropic endeavors, In Good Company puts a spotlight on corporations which differentiate themselves from competitors. This can be particularly effective in industries where products and services are similar, as social responsibility can be a key deciding factor for consumers.

 Attracting Talent: Many employees, especially from younger generations, seek to work for companies that demonstrate a commitment to societal welfare. Participating in a high-profile, philanthropy-focused guide helps attract potential employees who value corporate social responsibility and are willing to go the extra mile for your brand.

 Investor Interest: Investors are increasingly considering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their decision-making. With In Good Company dedicated to corporate philanthropy, you can make your company more attractive to socially conscious investors.

Boxing icon Sugar Ray Leonard joins CIBC team members in supporting the 39th CIBC Miracle Day held on December 6, 2023. (CNW Group/CIBC)

 Community Engagement: By showcasing your philanthropic

initiatives, your corporation or business strengthens your ties with the communities your serve This leads to increased local support and a stronger social license to operate.

 Enhanced Credibility: Participating in the respected publication’s annual showcase can lend credibility to your corporation’s philanthropic efforts, demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility is serious and ongoing.

Participating in IN GOOD COMPANY: The Guide to Canadian Corporate Philanthropy means you’ll not only promote your philanthropic activities but also align that work with broader goals of corporate social responsibility and community engagement.







(No implied endorsement of the corporations depicted here is intended. Sample covers for example only.)

IN GOOD COMPANY: The Guide to Canadian Corporate Foundations includes serious and insightful articles on the many aspects of corporate philanthropy. You’ll be invited to contribute your own editorial content that aligns with the theme of the publication and adds value in the minds of our readers. Here are examples:

Case Studies: Detailed accounts of your successful philanthropic projects or partnerships. This can include information on the project’s goals, execution, impact, and lessons learned.

Expert Articles: Contributions from your executive leaders, insights experts, and engaged staff on topics related to corporate philanthropy, such as best practices, trends in corporate social responsibility (CSR), ethical considerations (ESG), or the role of corporations in community development. Thought leadership articles where company representatives share their insights on relevant social issues, the importance of corporate giving, or the evolving role of business in society.

Interviews: Interviews with key figures in the company, focusing on their views on philanthropy, the company’s CSR strategy, and the future plans in your philanthropic support initiatives.

Impact Reports: Summaries or highlights of the company’s annual CSR or sustainability report, your foundation’s accomplishments or funding recipients, focusing on achievements, goals, and key statistics related to their philanthropic efforts.

Educational Content: Articles that provide readers with information on how corporate philanthropy works, tips for effective charitable giving, or how to measure the impact of philanthropic initiatives.

Behind-the-Scenes Features: Stories that give readers a glimpse into the internal workings of the company’s foundation or CSR department, including how they select projects to support, manage partnerships, and track the effectiveness of their contributions.

Panel Discussions or Roundtables: Transcriptions or summaries of discussions featuring company representatives and other experts in the field of corporate philanthropy, discussing current issues, challenges, and future directions.

Best Practices: Practical guides or tips on aspects of corporate philanthropy, such as employee volunteerism, effective grant-making, or building sustainable partnerships with non-profits.

Spotlights on Partnerships: Articles focusing on successful collaborations between the company and non-profit organizations, highlighting how these partnerships work and the benefits for both
parties and the community.

In Good Company will not only help the readers understand the business world’s commitment to philanthropy but also provides valuable information and insights on lesser-known accomplishments of the corporations and their foundations across the country, in every community, village, town and city.


Comprehensive Coverage of your Foundation: In Good Company will outline and profile individual corporate foundations and corporate programs which benefit non-profits and charities, or which directly serve socially responsible activies. It is intended as a unique, accessible, and widely-used resource for anyone looking to understand how business funds and supports the philanthropic landscape in Canada. The content also includes in-depth articles, interviews, case studies and research reports.

Detailed Descriptions: The mission isn’t to provide simple listings; it describes each organization in depth. This might include their mission, the types of projects they support, and their overall impact, offering deeper insights into each foundation’s focus and operations.

Facilitation of Partnerships: For non-profits and other entities seeking support, this guide can be a crucial tool in identifying potential partners. By understanding what each corporate foundation offers, organizations can tailor their proposals and requests to align with the foundations’ goals and criteria.

Variety of Support Types: The guide covers a range of philanthropic activities, including donations, sponsorships, grants, and volunteer efforts. This broad scope gives readers a full picture of the ways in which these foundations contribute to society and how they might engage with various initiatives.

Educational Resource: For students and professionals interested in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, or non-profit management, this publication can serve as an educational tool, providing real-world examples and insights into how corporations engage in societal betterment.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: By highlighting various foundations and their areas of focus, the guide may facilitate networking and collaboration among organizations with similar goals or interests.

Increased Transparency: For the philanthropic sector, the business community, the influencers among the general public and stakeholders interested in corporate responsibility, this guide helps increase transparency about how companies are contributing to social causes through their foundations.

Sample of how a corporate ad might look in the issue. No implied endorsement intended.



1. Double Page Spread Ad which includes a standard Full Page Advertisement for your foundation on the right hand page and a detailed editorial description with contact details on the left hand page. The right page is used to define and recognize your Foundation as a whole. The left page is used to delineate and describe your work in 2023, define your mission and mandate, recognize your partners and benefactors, highlight outstanding employee work such as volunteerism, and in general tell your story in the way you choose.

2. An opportunity to contribute a bylined editorial story for the issue, which may include insights, commentary, research, or any other vital non-promotional material which is of strong interest to the philanthropic sector in general and to the nation’s non-profits, charities, and foundations specifically. This should be a high-level, attributed article of up to 1500 words.

3. Inclusion in both the print and digital editions made available via Foundation Magazine’s website and by email notification upon release to our full national readership.

4. Up to 500 copies of the printed edition for your corporate use to send to clients, vendors, employees and partners. You may also opt to order additional copies for a small added fee.

5. Inclusion and individual recognition in our promotional campaigns for release of this vital and new, in-depth Foundation Magazine Supplement.

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