A benefit to keep members connected through community activities, overcoming loneliness and isolation together

TORONTO, ON–Foresters Financial, a fraternal life insurer that’s working to redefine life insurance industry through innovation, purpose, and wellness, announced the launch of Foresters Moment grants.

Foresters Moments is a refreshed granting program that will empower members to create meaningful interactions with friends and family more often.

Studies show that loneliness and social isolation can increase health risks. Foresters Moments™is a grant designed to reduce the social isolation that may be experienced by our members and nearly 1.3 million members may apply for this grant. This approach can help improve well-being and is aligned with Foresters Purpose.

“We were all impacted or know someone who suffered from loneliness over the past two years. That’s why we designed Foresters Moments™ which is a refreshed version of Foresters Fun Family activities. By shifting our focus to more frequent, engaging activities in more intimate settings, we’re facilitating relationship building among our members and supporting the overall well-being of their families, and their communities – all of which is critical to Foresters mission,” says Louis Gagnon, Foresters Financial President and CEO.

Beginning on November 1, 2022, Foresters members are invited to apply for Foresters Moments grants to host community activities. The activity categories have been curated to meet the needs of members as we shift to in-person gatherings. Activities include sustainable projects like planting community gardens and pollinator projects. There are also skill building and educational sessions where members can enjoy cooking classes, pottery nights, painting, and art classes. For those who want to host wellness activities, yoga, fitness, and dance sessions are available options. These granting categories as well as more traditional opportunities including theater, parks, and book clubs, were designed to support local businesses with the goal of reducing loneliness and social isolation.

Foresters Moments will help our members build genuine bonds, a sense of community, and improve the overall well-being of their communities. For more information about Foresters Moments and other member benefits please visit Foresters.com

Life Insurance with a Larger Purpose
Foresters Moments is part of the Foresters goal to develop innovative member benefits, products, and service offerings that promote a lifetime of well-being and enrich the lives of families and their communities. That’s life insurance with a larger purpose.

Bringing a better, new normal to everyday families, Foresters offers a suite of unique member benefits and is redefining the conventional life insurance model. Member benefits include the Foresters Go wellness app, opportunities for competitive scholarships, orphan benefits, community volunteer grants, document preparation services to prepare wills, health care directives and powers of attorney, Lifelong Learning, MemberDeals, and more.

About Foresters Financial
Foresters Financial is redefining the life insurance and individual savings industry across the U.S., Canada and UK by enriching the lives, communities, and overall well-being of its members.

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