Erica Ehm, Tony Chapman, Natasha Koifman, Jed Schneiderman also lend support

TORONTO, ON–When Covid-19 hit thousands of businesses were negatively impacted. Many have been forced to shut down, lay off their staff and some are even declaring bankruptcy.

Michelle Daides, entrepreneur and founder of MD Media Inc. (pictured) , a leading video production and marketing agency wanted to do something to help her fellow business community. Consequently, she brought together three entrepreneurs including Michelene Maguire of Maguire Marketing Group, Maria Arangio of Creativo Advertising and Rachel Di Martino of Geek Unicorn to help her stage Adapt.Invent.Thrive. an online Marketing Summit dedicated to empowering business owners and leaders to take action during these unprecedented times.

“We have so many friends and colleagues who are impacted so greatly by the pandemic; many own bricks and mortar shops or rely on face-to-face interaction in their service-based businesses. We are all donating our time and resources to stage this ambitious event” explains Michelle Daides, Co-Founder of Adapt. Invent. Thrive.

Adapt. Invent. Thrive. is a free online marketing summit dedicated to motivating entrepreneurs and business leaders to stay positive during these unusual times. This summit is a combination of live panel discussions and a series of pre-taped videos launching on May 27, 2020. Adapt.Invent.Thrive. will be awarding grants to participating entrepreneurs to help drive their businesses forward.

The event will feature a stellar line-up of speakers including Erica Ehm, Tony Chapman, Jed Schneiderman, and Natasha Koifman, to name a few, who will share their experience, insight and tips to help businesses to adapt, invent and thrive.

“Kudos to the team for quickly assembling this virtual conference with a laser-focus on adapting your business in a post-Covid economy. Now more than ever we need to be able to reinvent, adapt and persevere. I’ll be sharing strategies on how to lead courageously in times of uncertainty,” comments Erica Ehm.

Please visit for a full schedule and agenda for our speakers.

Register now to secure your free access to Adapt. Invent. Thrive.

Thank you to our sponsors and partners including Women Growing Empires, Modern Accounting & Tax Professional Corporation, Mimic Print, Klusster, Henry Business Law, Memberpress and Theme.Co.

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