Mondou Surpasses its Objective; Since 2015, the Quebec family-run business has donated a grand total of $2,025,000 to the Mira Foundation

MONTREAL, QC–Mondou says $425,000 was raised over the last few weeks as part of the 6th edition of the Mondou Mondon campaign for the MIRA foundation! The 2020 edition of this fundraising campaign, which was held in the 69 Mondou stores across Quebec as well as online at, ran from October 1 to November 13. The initial objective was to raise $400,000. Over the last six years, a grand total of more than $2 million was donated to MIRA through this initiative that has become a yearly tradition.

Over the last few weeks, the public was invited to participate in the campaign through various means, at the cash register, in store or online at Mondou customers were invited to make a donation of $1, $3, $5 or purchase products, the profits of which were donated to the Mira Foundation. Specifically designed for the occasion, the MIRA face covering is the greatest ally of animal loving citizens in this very particular year for everyone.

The plush Bernese Mountain Dog ($19.99), as well as some models of made-in-Quebec face coverings which feature the Mira logo, will be available in store or online until the holiday period (while quantities last). In addition to the adorable plush toy which makes a great gift for a child, the three face coverings ($10.99) will also be available throughout the next weeks. The first model is black, classic and chic; it was specifically designed for the Mondou Mondon campaign, and the other rainbow-coloured face coverings for adults and children will be available throughout the year!

“On behalf of the entire Mondou family, I extend my warmest thanks to our numerous customers and partners for their exceptional generosity, despite the unprecedented context of the COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to their invaluable contribution, Mira will be able to continue changing the lives of many with the help of its wonderful dogs. Alongside our customers, our 100% Quebec company is committed to carrying out its mission of ensuring animal welfare, while giving back to the community and supporting a cause that transforms the lives of thousands of people,” said Martin Deschênes, Mondou’s general manager.

“Once again this year, MIRA acknowledges Mondou’s extraordinary commitment towards our non-profit organization, which does not receive government subsidies. The funds raised during the 2020 Mondou Mondon campaign will be directed, among other things, towards training MIRA dogs and assisting their foster families, trainers and beneficiaries. We also wish to thank Mondou for donating more than 110 tonnes of food each year to our organization to help feed our guide dogs and service dogs; this represents half a million meals over the last 20 years,” added Nicolas St-Pierre, MIRA’s general manager.

Mondou dedicated to animal welfare since 1938
In light of the outstanding success of the 2020 Mondou Mondon campaign, Mondou wishes to take the opportunity to warmly thank its loyal customers, dedicated employees, numerous suppliers and its media partner Rouge FM, who generously contributed with a donation of $25,000!

Since it was founded, Mondou has been committed to supporting a number of causes dedicated to animal welfare. In addition to its Mondou Mondon campaign for the MIRA Foundation, the Quebec-based, family-run company has been holding the Mondou Mondon campaign for shelters, which helped raise a total of $406,000.

Last April, in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mondou also donated $110,000 in products and gift cards to Moisson Montréal and to rescue shelters in many parts of Quebec.

As a firm believer in responsible adoption, Mondou has inaugurated three adoption zones for cats from rescue shelters at its Saint-Jérôme, Anjou and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu store locations since April 2019. A fourth adoption zone is also set to open soon.

Founded in 1938 by Montreal entrepreneur Joseph-Émilien Mondou, Mondou is a Québec-based family-run business that provides products, services and advice intended for the health and well-being of pets of all kinds. Since the Legault family purchased this highly-successful Québec-based venture in 1983, the company saw its number of stores rise from one to 69 thanks to the exceptional commitment of its passionate employees, who now number more than 900 across Québec. Throughout this evolution, our passion for animals has remained unwavering, as evidenced by our slogan “Affectionately Yours”! Much more than a mere pet food store, Mondou distinguishes itself from its competitors by the expertise of its team of skilled advisors and by its commitment to refrain from selling animals. With animal welfare at the core of its values, Mondou is strongly committed towards its partner organizations and advocates to further advance the cause of animal welfare through the implementation of a number of initiatives. It is through this genuine passion that Mondou was able to establish itself as the undisputed leader in its field over the last 80 years.

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