2019 Grants of over $100,000 and 50 schools; 1,200 Canadian Public Schools have now been recipients; Charitable organization that provides funding for D.R.E.A.M.S., Drama, Recreation, Extracurricular, Arts, Music and Sports

TORONTO, ON–For the 14th consecutive year, the holiday joy comes early for hundreds of public elementary students across the country, as S’Cool Life Fund announces the successful recipients of the 2019-2020 grant process.

S’Cool Life Fund is a non-profit Canadian organization that has been providing funding for equipment, instruments and programs that create a more enjoyable and rewarding experience in public schools since 2005. S’Cool Life Fund assists in those areas that fall outside of the core curriculum, to help with a child’s development.

“Extracurricular activities are a crucial part of a child’s development and with this funding, S’Cool Life Fund is here to make sure that our Canadian youth are supported in these areas,” stated John Bitove, Founder and Chairman. “We are celebrating our 14th anniversary of giving with 50 additional schools receiving grants this year. We are extremely proud to announce that we have donated over $3 million to more than 1,200 public schools across the country since we started.”

Providing funding for public school extracurricular activities is important to our young students, particularly in economically challenged areas where children need opportunities to participate, practice and learn to be future leaders. We want to especially acknowledge the help of SiriusXM Canada, who has assisted with purchasing musical instruments for schools who need help with their music programs to develop our artists of the future as well as teach children the joy of playing music.

“We are incredibly proud of our continued support of S’Cool Life Fund and programs across this country dedicated to providing music education and instruments to Canada’s youth,” said Paul Cunningham, SVP, Sales & Marketing, SiriusXM Canada. “Creating opportunities for children through music is an impactful way to enrich their lives and their futures.”

Schools who received grants previously were happy to share their appreciation.

St. Justin Catholic Elementary School (Edmonton AB), a grant recipient in 2018 in need of new volleyball equipment wrote, “Many of our students were speechless and overwhelmed when they saw the equipment for the first time.”

Cedar Hills Elementary (Surrey BC), a grant recipient in 2018 wrote, “Thanks to your donation, Cedar Hills after school theatre club now has a proper curtain for all of their performances. Theatre club provides our students the opportunity to find their voice and embrace their individuality while building their self-esteem.”

St. Gabriel Lalemant Catholic School (Niagara Falls ON), a grant recipient in 2018 wrote, “We are ecstatic to have ukuleles in our school to use for classroom instruction and extracurricular activities. The students have already begun to use them, and we can’t thank you enough for the excitement these instruments bring to their day.”

Since S’Cool Life Fund’s inception, more than 1,200 schools have been awarded grants in support of students’ DREAMS – Drama, Recreation, Extracurricular, Arts, Music and Sports. This year’s grant highlights include:

Instruments to build a music wall to teach children to play with each other and help with behavioral issues.

Installing adjustable volleyball nets and poles so that students in wheelchairs or with mobility issues can participate in everyday physical education and school Olympics.

Ukuleles for multiple schools in low income areas and First Nations students.

Grant applications for the 2020-2021 school year will be available on S’Cool Life Fund’s website in Fall 2020. Submissions are reviewed and selected by a board of directors on an annual basis.

For further information on S’Cool Life Fund and how to request support for your school’s DREAMS, public elementary school teachers, principals, and volunteer parent advisory groups across Canada are encouraged to visit www.scoollifefund.ca

About S’Cool Life Fund
S’Cool Life Fund raises funds and donates grants to public elementary schools (K to 8) extracurricular activities and programs to help children enjoy a more well-rounded school experience. SiriusXM Canada is one of the major sponsors and provides funding specifically for musical instruments through S’Cool Life Fun. For more information, please visit www.scoollifefund.ca or contact info@scoollifefund.ca

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