CALGARY, AB–STARS is on a mission to ensure that no one goes without critical care that could save their life – no matter who they are or where they live. From a single helicopter to a network of highly skilled professionals providing care in the air, on the ground, or virtually, STARS has grown into a leading-edge innovator, harnessing their passion for saving lives to shape the future of critical care.

At the heart of their funding model stands the STARS Lottery, a vital source of fundraising income with an annual profit exceeding $15 million and a substantial player base of more than 180,000. Established in 2003 with long-term partner and lottery management provider, Stride, the lottery consistently ensures financial support that underpins the vital ongoing work of STARS.

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With a reputation for managing highly successful lotteries for charities and non-profits, Stride boasts more than 570,000 active lottery players spanning various Canadian provinces and annual ticket sales exceeding $100 million. Beyond the numbers, they are committed to driving positive change within communities by helping organizations maximize proceeds by diversifying revenue streams to sustain their impactful work.

Terri Strunk, Chief Fundraising and Brand Officer at STARS, said, “Stride provides the lottery management services, technology, and insights we need to deliver a strong lottery program. We couldn’t do it without them.” Stride, in its 20+ year partnership with STARS, has successfully provided comprehensive lottery management services and technology for two separate provincial lotteries.

Managing everything from online ticket sales to prize acquisition and draw fulfillment, Stride ensures the entire lottery program is delivered to an exceptionally high standard. Stride crafts a captivating experience for players, ensuring each component functions flawlessly to create an unparalleled lottery program for every client.

Never taking a one-lottery-fits-all approach, the Stride team applies their extensive knowledge of the charitable lottery sector, combined with data-driven insights from the STARS lotteries, to provide strategic guidance and drive ongoing success.

Andrea Robertson, President and CEO of STARS, said, “We’ve had a long and productive relationship with Stride. We rely on their knowledge and expertise to help us meet our goals today and for the past 20 years.” Through their lotteries with Stride, STARS has raised essential funds, contributing to critical care, medical crew, equipment, transport, education, research and a 24-hour emergency medical communication center.

The funds raised through these lotteries have not only supported the ongoing operations but also empowered STARS to spearhead innovative medical practices, including carrying blood onboard helicopters and providing mobile education in remote communities.

The player experience is a core consideration for STARS and every customer touchpoint has been carefully considered – from the highly-responsive support team to specially-selected prizes, ensuring customer data is protected. Stride’s lottery management enables STARS to uphold their already exceptional brand reputation.

Since partnering with Stride 20+ years ago, their lotteries have been STARS’ largest fundraisers and remain a critical part of their funding model, with proceeds supporting their 24/7 operations. STARS propels innovation in medical care and have pioneered practices such as carrying blood onboard their helicopters and providing world-class mobile education in rural and remote communities.

The Stride team continues to bring insight and expertise to the table, ensuring the lottery program goes from strength to strength, encouraging more people to support STARS’ incredibly worthy cause.

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