AIPremier Issue

How Close Are We to Making the Connections Work?

AI, Machine Learning and Philanthropy By Erik Rubadeau Don’t panic, artificial intelligence isn’t here. Yet. There is no denying that artificial intelligence has arrived as a topic of conversation in our sector. But will AI and Machine Learning be the next evolution of the nonprofit organization or will it simply …

AIData Analytics

Opinion: Three Ways Analytics Tools Drive CX Transformation

by Yashwinee GK, Chief Information Officer, HGS Advanced data analytics tools can help businesses uncover business-critical insights and gain a competitive edge. As customer experience analytics matures, it is becoming increasingly predictive and focused on personalization. A sophisticated data analytics tool can make predictions, or generate recommendations based on information …


AI Reduces Cost and Human Error in Finance

Canadian CFOs Believe Payroll, Accounting and Accounts Payable Will Benefit Most From AI Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to bring significant transformation to companies’ accounting and finance functions, new research suggests. The area predicted to benefit most is payroll, as predicted by 52 per cent of CFOs across Canada in …