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As we have already established, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising is all about leveraging personal relationships to garner support for a cause. Board members and advocates such as current donors and volunteers are generally the first people you will recruit to your P2P campaign team. It is in large part through these individuals that you will enlist other fundraisers and reach out to potential donors.

Therefore you need to cultivate supporters who feel passionate about your cause, are excited to serve as ambassadors for your organization, and who understand the importance of their role as fundraisers.

With the right tools and stewardship approach, you can provide your board and stakeholders with the confidence, support, and motivation they will need to be successful P2P campaigners.

Treat Fundraisers as your Partners. Fundraisers need to embrace the cause, understand their role, and know how to accomplish what is expected of them. Focus on collaboration, provide clear timelines and directions, and make the registration and outreach process easy to understand and simple to use.

Make sure Fundraisers know who to contact within the organization for questions, support and troubleshooting.

Communicate clearly and regularly. Stay in touch with updates, positive messaging and encouragement. Keep fundraisers apprised of goals met, deadlines, and any relevant campaign/event details.

Help Fundraisers tell their story. Fundraisers should make their donor requests as personal as possible. Customizable templates can help fundraisers articulate why are they asking for support, explain how funds will be allocated, and emphasize positive outcomes. Provide the option to enhance messages with personal photos and videos for extra impact.

Enable easy sharing through social media with one click “share” button links.

Make it simple for Fundraisers to thank their donors. Provide real time updates and notifications on donations, and send reminders of outstanding “thank you” notes that need to be sent.

Show your appreciation! Find ways to make it exciting for fundraisers to be a part of your P2P campaign. Celebrate achievements, provide incentives for goals met, report back on results, and reach out to say THANK YOU!

Now that you have set your fundraisers up for success, they should feel confident and motivated to reach out to their networks, cultivating new supporters for your organization.

But once the campaign is over, how do you turn new donors into repeat givers?

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