Highway Of Heroes Tree Campaign Celebrates 4 Years Since Launch

GRAFTON, ON–On Saturday Nov. 2nd, the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign planted 30 trees at the Haldimand Memorial Arena and Park. With the help of the local Veteran Community and members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 580, a short ceremony was held followed by tree planting activities. The event, sponsored by Frank Cowan Company, marked the 4-year anniversary of the start of the campaign and the launch of the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign’s Private Landowner Partnership Program.

“I am proud to announce details of the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign’s Private Landowner Partnership Program,” said Mark Cullen, event host and Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign Chair & Co-Founder. “If you own 2.5 acres or more of open land that is situated within 15km of the Highway of Heroes, 80 to 90% of the cost of planting trees on your property could be covered through this limited time offer. Through our Private Landowner Partnership Program, YOU could have a piece of the world’s largest living tribute while doing your part to protect our environment, beautify our communities and honour our Canadian Heroes.”

Trees can serve as natural wind and snow breaks. They can help absorb storm waters and stabilize soils. Depending on the size of land number of trees planted, landowners may even qualify to save up to 75% on property taxes by having property classified as a ‘Managed Forest’. And landowners can take additional comfort in knowing that trees planted through the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign’s Private Landowner Partnership Program are done so in honour of those that have served our country in uniform.

To date, the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign has seen over 100,000 trees planted, between Trenton and Toronto.

About The Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign
When is a tree more than just a tree? The answer is when the tree is part of a memorial to honour Canada’s fallen heroes. We are planting trees between Trenton and Toronto for all Canadians that have served during times of conflict since Confederation and including the war of 1812. 117,000 of the most prominent trees will be planted along and near the stretch of the 401 known as the Highway of Heroes, one tree for every life lost while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. This tribute offers an opportunity to tell the story of those that have served in the Armed Forces and remind travelers along the highway of the great debt we owe these courageous Canadians. It will also provide a myriad of environmental benefits for generations to come.

The Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign is supported by Veterans Affairs Canada, the Government of Ontario, Mark’s Choice, Landscape Ontario, TD Bank, Frank Cowan Company, Tree Canada, the City of Toronto, the City of Quinte West, Rotary District 7070, Maple Leaves Forever, and the Garden Club of Toronto.

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