PELEE ISLAND, ON–A virtual fundraiser in support of the Pelee Island Heritage Centre and the Pelee Island Bird Observatory is taking place on May 8th, 2021.

To purchase gala tickets to support the Pelee Island Heritage Centre please visit their site. There will be a virtual auction featuring special events, birding tours, famous authors such as Margret Atwood, Steve Burrows and Louise Penny and lots of other fun adventures, all of which go towards the fundraising for the PIBO.

Among the more than 100 items include art by Robert Bateman, Wallace Edwards, and other artists, birding tours on Pelee Island and across Canada, dinner and conversations with Margaret Atwood, tour of the mighty St. Lawrence with Adventure Canada and a week’s stay at a Medieval castle in the Tuscan Hills.

The Pelee Island Bird Observatory is a non-profit charitable organisation devoted to the study and conservation of birds. The observatory conducts intensive migration-monitoring research and breeding bird studies on Pelee Island from April to November. PIBO’s field station at Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserve is open to the public in the spring and autumn, with educational programs provided to visiting school groups throughout the month of May.

PIBO’s purpose is to collect and disseminate data that will help the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network that is working to understand changes taking place in the populations of migratory birds. While this is our work and our responsibility, we recognize that birds exist in a wide range of cultural and imaginative contexts, as well as in specifically scientific ones. To that end, we are introducing a number of satellite areas, with the hope this site will be of interest both to serious birders and to general enthusiasts alike.

From travelling differently to growing food differently, Islanders live differently. In an area of Ontario under intense human development pressure, Pelee Island has managed to retain large portions of its natural heritage. The following are just a few of the conservation projects underway on Pelee Island.

Habitat Protection
The savannas, forests and regenerating fields of Pelee Island currently make up almost 25 percent of the Island’s total area, giving a home to many species at risk that have long since vanished from the Ontario mainland.

Today, many sites on the Island are still preserved because of the will of local residents and their inherent connection to the Island’s natural heritage. The tradition of conservation on Pelee Island has been illustrated by the local municipal government in their effort to support natural heritage preservation.

Alongside the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ontario Parks, the Essex Region Conservation Authority, and Ontario Nature, the Township of Pelee and the residents of Pelee Island have been leaders in the field of habitat conservation making life better for both humans and wildlife.

Please visit for more information about these protected spaces.

PIBO is a non-profit organization supported by grants, donations, and partnerships. PIBO’s small organisational structure and our low overhead expenses allow for almost eighty percent of the funds raised by the observatory to go directly to cover the operational costs of the field research, which includes our educational programs. In this respect, PIBO supporters can be confident that their dollars are being well spent. Donors will receive a tax receipt for their contributions.

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