TORONTO, ON–PhilanthPro Solutions Inc., a software company dedicated to fostering philanthropy, announces the launch of PhilanthPro.

The cloud-based software offers a suite of easy-to-use tools for clients and their financial advisors to professionally plan and manage charitable accounts. PhilanthPro is useful for any sized portfolio and is available on a subscription basis.

PhilanthPro was developed specifically for clients with foundations, charitable trusts, and donor-advised funds. The innovative software allows clients to engage with their financial advisors to create goals-based financial plans for charitable accounts. Taking key inputs, the software generates interactive scenario reports for informed discussion and decision-making.

“The financial industry is designed to help people accumulate wealth, not give it away, and that’s a problem for philanthropic clients and their advisors. PhilanthPro brings the professional planning we’re capable of to the world of philanthropy,” said Nicholas Palahnuk, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (left).

PhilanthPro also allows clients to plan grant commitments using an interactive grant planning tool.

“Our research showed that clients were disappointed with the ad hoc spreadsheets being used in the industry,” said Richard Taylor, Chief Operating Officer. “This tool allows clients to plan grants and see the effect in real-time, giving them confidence in making bold commitments.”

In addition, PhilanthPro offers a suite of tools to make day-to-day management and administration easier for clients. These include a charitable relationship management system, a governance and records portal, learning materials, curated news about philanthropy, and multi-user access.

“I recently started my own foundation to address mental health, a cause close to my heart. Having advised hundreds of clients on financial planning, I was surprised to learn that when it came to planning for charitable accounts, sophisticated software didn’t exist,” shared Palahnuk, an investment advisor and portfolio manager. Having started his career in wealth management at the age of twenty-one, Palahnuk is now recognized as one of Canada’s leading wealth managers.

“PhilanthPro and philanthropic financial planning is ultimately about making it easier to support front-line nonprofits that are so critical to society. With a sound financial plan, clients can have the confidence to make bold grant commitments and support nonprofits through difficult times,” said Palahnuk. “Our vision is to foster philanthropy for a brighter future, and our software helps take us there.”

Charitable accounts, including foundations, charitable trusts, and donor-advised funds, hold more than $1.7 trillion in assets and support the charitable sector globally.

PhilanthPro Solutions Inc. is a software company empowering people to confidently plan and manage charitable accounts. Established in 2023, the company is based in Toronto and Los Angeles and serves clients around the world.

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