TBD Media Group’s Vision 2045 Summit in Edinburgh, that ran alongside Glasgow’s COP26, successfully served as a focal point for strategizing collaborative action towards climate preservation

LONDON, UK–TBD Media Group’s Vision 2045 Summit successfully served as a focal point for strategizing collaborative action towards climate preservation, from the 8-10th of November 2021. By creating the conditions for fruitful conversation around securing environmental longevity, TBD helped facilitate the cooperative efforts of tomorrow.

Dialogues centred around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, with each discussion aligned to an individual goal and assigned moderators, the award-winning News Anchor Andrew Wilson and Al Jazeera’s Julie MacDonald.

Topics including Equity and Inclusivity, Climate Change and Carbon Neutral Economy were raised to create an effective cross-pollination of ideas between organizations.

Microsoft, Hilton Worldwide, Boeing, Siemens Energy and Parfum Dior were among the renowned and influential companies that 140 business delegates represented in the discussions. The full list of participating companies is available on the Vision 2045 Summit Website.

TBD spearheaded the collaborative efforts to protect the future ecology by working in integration with ‘Make It Wild’ to plant a tree per person present at the Summit. This was aligned with previous campaigns run by TBD that highlighted companies that have gone beyond their standard activities to pursue a greener society for the next generation.

In this regard, Paolo Zanini, TBD Founder and CEO, said: “We couldn’t call upon others to be better without typifying it ourselves. Because real progress is made together, in collaboration”.

This was just one of TBD’s endeavours to bring to fruition the fairest and most environmentally respectful future for all. Already the company looks forward towards COP27, when the next Vision 2045 Summit – Egypt , will be hosted.

The event will undoubtedly build upon the relationships and progress made from Vision 2045 Edinburgh and expand to connect yet more like minded organisations seeking to have a positive impact.

Companies featured in this launch

AXA Investment Managers,
Biobest Group,
Compass Group,
City Of Tampere,
Darling Ingredients,
Petra Group,
The Boeing Company,
Schwarz Gruppe (Lidl, Kaufland, PreZero & Schwarz Produktion),
Siemens Energy,
Stadler Rail,
Swiss Post,
United Overseas Bank Limited,
Wahl Clipper Corporation.

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TBD Media Group is an international, purpose-driven, media developer that helps companies, organisations and governments tell their brand stories in a human and direct way.

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