In Budapest, Hungary, Next Earth established a new collaboration with SEE Turtles, a non-profit organization working to protect endangered sea turtles through conservation tours, education, funding, and more. The campaign ran from 19 May to 2 June.

As part of the “Clean-the-ocean” charity campaign, a game is being launched in the Next Earth metaverse:

Users can contribute to a good cause in the real world by buying land in certain areas of the metaverse and cleaning it up. By purchasing land, they have the chance to win $200,000 worth of NXTT and 5 unique NFTs created by TinyWasteland. 20 percent of all proceeds made within the campaign will go to SEE Turtles to support their plastic waste collecting projects which will take place on the same locations but in the real world.

Noemi Magyar, Head of CSR at Next Earth, explained the campaign:

“With this campaign, Next Earth is building a bridge between the virtual and the real world, where the bridge is social responsibility. To this whole experience, we are adding an extra with a gamification feature. Though our community members are physically far from the locations where our partner organization, SEE Turtles, will carry out their plastic projects, users can actively participate in the mission of getting rid of plastic waste.”

She added: “At Next Earth, we believe that business and philanthropy can and should go hand in hand. Raising awareness of environmental issues is one important thing, but inviting users to take action together is another level of social responsibility. At Next Earth we want to make a real impact and we are grateful to our community for joining us in this mission.”

Next Earth is a sustainability-focused Metaverse. Environmental awareness is built into their core operations, with 10 percent of the proceeds always going to a charity pool. This has already resulted in $1 million being donated to environmental issues. However, with the current collaboration, Next Earth is ready to take it to the next level: they are launching a social responsibility campaign that no other metaverse has ever done before.

Next Earth hopes that their campaign will contribute to the recognition of the many ways in which a metaverse can make an impact.

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